MEET the Chihuahua Whose Best Friend is 120 Times His Size

Love is blind and this animal odd couple certainly proves that.

Tiny Chihuahua, Digby, was abandoned at only a few weeks old. Shortly after the worst day in this young pup's life, he was rescued and would have his happiest day meeting his soon-to-be best friend.

Digby's buddy may not look like you would expect. If you thought a dog rescued weighing only a pound would feel most at home among other small dogs, you would be wrong. This Chihuahua has the heart of a dog... well, 120 times his size to be exact.

Yes, his best friend is Nero the Mastiff who weighs an impressive 120 times what Digby puts up on the scale.



The friendship brought Digby from an unstable state of mind and health, to the puppy he was always meant to be with a new lease on life.

According to the Daily Mail, what Digby and Nero have, "really is a love story."


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