Celebrating a Canine New Yorker

Frank Perino and his Akita guide dog will be honored by the Japanese Consulate in New York City on Monday, June 17th at 11:30 am at Central Park (59th and 5th).

Although most people think Lab when they think guide dog, Frank’s Akita helps him lead an active life. The Akita is one of seven breeds designated as a national monument in its native Japan, and has been used as a working dog there for many years. There is even a spiritual significance attached to the breed in that when a child is born in Japan, the family will receive an Akita statue signifying health, happiness, and long life. The Akita first arrived in the United States when Helen Keller brought one over in 1937. Dignified and courageous, the Akita today is popular in the show ring and also participates in performance and therapy work.

Frank, who is visually impaired, trained his guide dog himself. He runs Innersight, a nonprofit organization committed to providing advocacy for the disabled locally and around the world, and is starting a new program to help disabled people train a service dog to assist them. Learn more here.

Congratulations, Frank! Visitors (and their dogs!) are welcome to attend the press conference to see Frank and his dog in action. For more information, contact Frank at 631-478-3590.