​Watch this Cav Puppy Play Party

cavalier king charles spaniel puppy party

It's a Cav puppy play party! These Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are running around having a grand ol' time. There are even some full grown Cavs in the mix. Can you count how many dogs are enjoying this playtime? With them all running around, it's hard to tell!

How cute are those little guys (the bigger dogs too)?! Too precious. Puppies grow up so fast. A small-breed pup can be full grown at as little as 8-to-12 months. You've got to appreciate those puppy days while you can. Learn more about puppy growth, here.

Want to see another adorable Cav video? We know you do!

Meet Janet York and her Cavs!

We know you'll love 'em. 

Puppy Socialization

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