Can Your Dog Really Tell Time?

We all know someone who says their dog is SO smart he can tell time? Well, seems like there may be some truth to this claim. This episode of the BBC's series "Inside the Animal Mind" explores this question with an interesting experiment.

Christine and Johnny's dog, Jazz, looks like a sweet dog with pretty average intelligence. Yet, when observing him on a daily basis, nearly every afternoon at almost the exact time each day, Jazz starts his "lookout" for Johnny about 40 minutes after Christine's arrival home from work. Is it possible that Jazz actually knows that Johnny is arriving home at 5 p.m.?

Some people may immediately shake their heads and shrug off such an idea, attributing the behavior simply to conditioning. However, there may be a very fascinating connection between a dog's keen sense of smell, and his ability to "tell" time.

While there has not yet been any concrete scientific proof found, have a look at what happens when this theory gets put to the test on Jazz: