Bust the Fuzz from your Dog’s Coat

By Mara Bovsun

There may be nothing you can do about nature’s nose ticklers—like pollen—but reducing other allergens, especially those in the home, can make a big difference in how you and your dogs feel, says Sandy Robins, a pet lifestyle consultant for Petco. “Grooming is where you start in the war against allergies,” Robins says. There are many products that can help. FURminator, for example, has expanded its popular line of deshedding tools to include every size and coat type, she says.


  • Robins is particularly enthusiastic about the company’s new vacuum accessory (see a demonstration here). Other fuzz-busters include:

  • Vacuums with attachments designed specifically for pet owners, such as those that remove pet hair from upholstery;

  • Washable throws and slipcovers, which make it easy to launder away dirt, hair, pollen, and any messes your pets may leave on the furniture, and

  • Detergents and cleaning fluids developed with pets in mind. Robins says to look for products with ingredients that are mostly plant-based.

Pets are confined in the house through much of the winter, and that means there is likely to be a lot of old hair rolling around on the floor or tucked in corners. Simply ridding your home of those tumbleweeds, Robins says, can go a long way toward clearing the indoor air.

Originally published in AKC FAMILY DOG. To read more from FAMILY DOG, click here. Photo credit: istockphoto.com/©eldad carin