You Won’t Believe What Will Get This Bulldog to Move

From observing Maverick for just a short while, you could be thinking "lazy" or "grumpy" are two appropriate adjectives to describe this Bulldog, but don't let that look on his face or the way he's lounging around on that bed fool you.

It's really not that Maverick is disinterested or defiant to his owner's calls—but what will get the typical dog to leap and run for the door is not of interest to him. Going outside, special food, a treat—that's usually all it'll take to get a rise from the average dog in "rest" mode. But when you hear what that ONE thing that can actually make Maverick jump up and head for the door, you will definitely be shocked.


Source: Lazy Bulldog only gets out of bed for one thing by VonnyR on Rumble


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