12 Boykin Spaniels Who Are Totally In Their Element

As loyal to their owners as they are to their tasks, Boykin Spaniels make the perfect hunting partner -- few can swim the seas and fight the fowl like these guys. With their friendly nature and willingness to work, there's no better field companion. Here are a few Boykin Spaniels in their element:

1. These guys can handle many environments, from marshy swamps to icy creeks.


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2. The gaze with which they focus on their next target is unparalleled.


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3. I mean, they've really got that tough look down.


4. When something catches their attention, they won't stop until full investigation is complete.


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5. If this doesn't show he's a natural, I don't know what will.


6. They're even skilled fishermen!


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7. They've mastered the art of surprise attacks...


8. they'll act when it's time...


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9. and they'll succeed.


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10. Though they sometimes work solo...


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11. they know a little teamwork can go a long way.


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12. This is what they love. Just look at that face!


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