Bernese Mountain Dog and Owner Have Adorable Sledding Adventure

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It's getting colder out there... and we know someone who is going to be very excited when the first snow starts to fall.

This Bernese Mountain Dog clearly loves the winter weather. Watch him as he helps pull his owner sled.


How adorable is that? The way he pulls the sled to get it going, and then runs along side of it... that's true companionship right there.

This Berner couldn't be having a better time. The way he playfully barks and romps through the snow, we love it.

Did you know that the Bernese Mountain Dog actually thrives in cold weather since he originally worked on Swiss farms? We can definitely see that with this snow-loving pup.

Want to see another Berner majestically showing his skills? Check out this guy:

He pulls that cart with ease and smiles the whole time.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is good-natured, calm, and strong. Check out this article for 9 pictures that exemplify his versatility.

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