Being a Good Neighbor: AKC and AKC Reunite Help Local Shelters Help Lost Pets

On Saturday, the American Kennel Club® (AKC®) and AKC ReuniteSM  demonstrated one of the many ways we support dog owners and the community with the gift of a new universal microchip scanner to Granville County North Carolina Animal Control and Shelter. North Carolina Senator Floyd B. McKissick presented the universal microchip scanner to the shelter’s Chief Animal Control Officer, Cathy Hartley.

“The simple act of scanning a lost pet for a microchip helps animal shelters return lost pets to their owners,” said McKissick. “AKC’s support of this new law and AKC Reunite’s donation of scanners shows how we can work together as a community to address animal issues.”

The event highlighted 2013 legislation (SB 626), supported by AKC and sponsored by North Carolina Senators McKissick, Brent Jackson and others, that requires North Carolina shelters with access to microchip scanners to scan impounded animals for information to help locate a lost pet’s owner. The legislation also moved shelter oversight to the State’s Animal Welfare Act, and allows animal control and law enforcement officers to rescue pets in distress in hot cars. As part of this legislative initiative to protect NC pets, AKC and AKC Reunite pledged to donate 20 new universal microchip scanners to public shelters in NC needing this equipment.

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