10 “Awww-Worthy” German Shorthaired Pointers to Make Your Day



One of the best things about dogs is their ability to make us say "awwwww." They can be sleeping, playing, or even doing nothing, really, and they're still "awww-worthy." Take these 10 German Shorthaired Pointers, for instance. They're doing a variety of different activities and each and every dog has won our hearts.

Check out there adorableness below.

Who knew GSPs could fly?!


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Somebody should sign this guy up for dock diving.


Are you overwhelmed with the cuteness of this sleepy pup?


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We sure are! He's so little and so precious.


That nose...those eyes....this pupper is staring right into our souls.


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And he's proudly displaying an AKC tag. There's nothing not to love.


This GSP loves nothing more than a good roll in the grass after a run. His owner has added a slow-mo effect to make this roll even better. Look at the way his tongue flops around. It's hilarious.

GSPs are great running partners! And always down for some silliness after.


What a precious pair of puppies. These little guys have such expressive faces. If you aren't saying "awww" at these two...


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Come on you gotta say it. All together now....AWWWWWW.


Determination pays off for this adorable GSP!


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And safe, pool-time fun is the perfect way to keep your dog cool in hot weather.


This dog should be a model. He's certainly got the posing down.


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This is quite the "stay."


Look at this little gentleman!


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What a very polite and courteous "paw" he's giving. Manners, top notch, pupper.


This guy has such a beautiful speckled belly and he has no problem rolling around and showing it off.


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Extra cute points for the sounds he makes!


This pillow is in the perfect spot to prop up this GSP's sleepy head. He looks like he is having a difficult time staying awake.


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Just close your eyes precious doggo and take a little snooze. We won't mind!

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