Another Happy Reunion in Moore

Yesterday, we posted a picture of a dog found standing over the body of a man thought to be her owner in Moore, Oklahoma. But as it turns out, the 12-year-old Schipperke-Border Collie mix’s owner, Curtis Collins, is very much alive, and thanks to social media, the pair has been reunited.

When the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office posted the photo on their Facebook page, with a caption saying that the deputy who found the scared, mud-covered dog is considering adopting her, the owner’s sister commented: “Please don't adopt Susie Collins. She is my brother Curtis' dog and he is alive and the only reason he is not well is that he is looking for Susie.” She left contact information for both herself and her brother. Later, the Sheriff’s Office released this photo of Curtis picking up Susie.

According to local news reports, Curtis did not know the man whose body the dog was standing guard over.

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Photos courtesy of The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office