Hold On Tight…There Goes Amber On Another Adventure Run!

If you enjoy rollercoasters and race car rides, then you will get quite a thrill from watching Amber, the Downhill Dog, out for a morning adventure with her owner, James Roxburgh. James is all geared up and ready for a ride on his mountain bike, with a GoPro HERO strapped to his bike, when he summons Amber to join along. Amber is full of excitement and enthusiasm right from the start and doesn't lose her footing or her speed even once, despite some pretty long jumps and steep inclines along the ride through the forest.

Amber, a 6-year-old Vizsla, is apparently quite accustomed to these daredevil downhill rides, since James, her owner, is admittedly quite a thrill seeker. In their blog, James and Amber share loads of other downhill adventures that the two have shared over the years.

Hang on to your armchair and come along for the ride...