All NC Dogs Should Be Protected: Oppose HB 930


Hey North Carolina Dog Lovers! The AKC has learned that efforts are underway to push a problematic bill to define certain people who own multiple dogs as “large commercial breeders” --regardless of whether they are actually breeding or selling dogs!

AKC doesn’t oppose regulation of commercial breeders, but we think this bill is a bad idea. Why should a person be defined as a “large commercial breeder” if they don’t even breed dogs?

The bill also incorporates parts of AKC Care and Conditions standards, but only requires them for certain dogs. We want to know why only some dogs should benefit from basic standards of care with this bill? AKC believes that basic standards of care should apply to ALL dogs.

Despite claims otherwise, HB 930 is not a solution to ensuring proper care and conditions of dogs. Instead, this bill creates a confusing new patchwork of duplicative rules that actually place more restrictions on law enforcement.

Laws are already on the books to address cruelty and negligence of all dogs in North Carolina. Those who mistreat animals need to be brought up on charges. It’s time to get to the real heart of the issue – giving local animal control and law enforcement the tools they need to immediately confront and act on ALL cruelty they see or is reported, regardless of how many dogs it impacts or whether the owners meet arbitrary definitions or vague exemptions.

HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY:  Contact Your State Senators and the Governor and ask them to oppose House Bill 930 as currently written, or at least remove all references to “large commercial dog breeders” so that all of North Carolina’s dogs can be entitled to basic standards of care.

To find a list of your North Carolina State Senators and read more about this proposed bill read the AKC’s legislative alert.