AKC to Match First-Time Contributions for AKC/CHF

For nearly 20 years, the AKC Canine Health Foundation has been funding important scientific research that helps all dogs live longer, healthier lives. The American Kennel Club has donated more than $22 million since creating the Foundation to support these studies, and we are proudly initiating another opportunity to enable AKCCHF to help more dogs than ever before.

Starting in 2014, AKC will donate up to $500,000 in matching contributions from first-time donors, helping AKC CHF to raise $1 million.  Matching funds has proven to be a successful fundraising tool and AKC is delighted to add this opportunity to the AKCCHF portfolio.  Your donation will help AKCCHF as it continues to fund important research that prevents, treats, and cures canine disease.

Donating is easy, and no gift is too small.