AKC Reaches One Million Fans on Facebook And Launches Celebratory Historical Video Plus Sweepstakes!

The American Kennel Club is ecstatic and proud to announce that they've reached an incredible accomplishment. The AKC Facebook Page has now surpassed the one million dog-loving fans milestone!

To celebrate the milestone, AKC compiled some favorite historical moments throughout the years from the birth of AKC in 1884 to today and put them in a fun video that also features some fan submitted images! Can you spot your dog?

In addition to the video, to say thanks, the AKC has launched the 1 in a Million Milestone Sweeps on Facebook, and offers a hefty Grand Prize to one lucky winner! The sweeps also offers the randomly selected Grand Prize winner to receive bonus prizes for correctly answering questions based on the video... learn more about the sweeps and enter it HERE.

Enjoy the video and thanks so much again to our PAWsome supporters! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrrQ3Uudg4A&feature=youtu.be