AKC Club Donation Saves Lives of 21 Dogs


The lives of 21 dogs were saved recently thanks in part to an AKC member club.

The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America (CSPCA) held its National Specialty Show and Trial in Lawrence, Kansas this past October. In an effort to reach out to the community, the club's Eastern Director Darin Cox arranged for a gift of oxygen masks suitable for use on dogs. 

The club financed the purchase and Darin made the presentation to the Lawrence Fire Chief during the specialty. Just a few days ago, the club saw the benefit of their gift in a big way!  Watch the news story


From the Lawrence Journal-World:

A donation of pet oxygen masks last month and quick work by firefighters, veterinarians and bystanders helped save the lives of 21 dogs who were in a burning building early Saturday morning. The fire started in Christal K-9, a business that provides pet services. Firefighters began hauling out dogs in cages as they put out the fire, said Hank Booth, a radio personality who works nearby at KLWN-AM 1320 radio station. The cages were lined up in a row along the curb of the businesses as smoke poured out of Christal K-9, Booth said. Some of the dogs were lying in their cages, some were lying on the pavement, and others were being held in people's laps, he said. Firefighters, veterinarians and bystanders strapped the resuscitation masks on the dogs' faces and began pumping air into their lungs. Staff from the Lawrence Humane Society and City of Lawrence Animal Control eventually transported all the dogs to area veterinary clinics for treatment, according to a press release. About a dozen resuscitation masks for dogs in small, medium and large sizes were donated last month to the Lawrence Fire Department along with a DVD training video, said Darin Cox, a board member with the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America. The club held its national specialty show last month in Lawrence. The club began donating the oxygen masks a couple years ago to thank communities for sponsoring their shows, Cox said. “I'm thrilled to hear this,” Cox said Saturday of the dogs' rescue with the help of the donated masks. “I'm just really glad we were able to make a difference for these animals.”