AKC Brings Training Advice to Your Home!

The addition of a dog or puppy is an exciting event, but along with the furry new family member comes the added responsibility of training. In celebration of the launch of AKC’s Good-Dog! HelplineSM– a telephone hotline service providing live support from knowledgeable dog trainers – we’re sharing top tips from the experts themselves.

The number one frustration experienced by new puppy owners is housebreaking, according to the Good-Dog! HelplineSM training team.

Housebreaking can take time, but with patience and consistency every dog can learn not to soil their house. The AKC Good-Dog! HelplineSM trainers recommend “SS” – Scheduling and Supervision – as the most important components when you are “potty training” your young canine. Feed your puppy on a schedule (do not leave food down all day) and always keep a watchful eye. If you can’t be on the lookout, then put your puppy in a safe enclosed space, such as a crate.

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