If At First You Don’t Succeed … Adorable Dog Fails

If At First You Don’t Succeed …
Adorable Dog Fails.
Just like us, when dogs mess up someone is usually there to film it.

In the world digital world of anyone-can-post-anything, a new genre has emerged: the “dog fail” video. Amused, and one assumes loving, dog owners can’t resist grabbing the camera to document all sorts of canine bloopers: a plot to steal food from a table gone wrong; not be able to figure out how to negotiate getting a large bone through a small doggie door; failing to climb up a slide, and conversely, sliding down the a set of stairs (that one seems very much intentional, though). And then there is the always-popular Labrador Retriever wondering, “Why can’t I catch this tennis ball?”

Courtesy of HooplaHa, we bring you a compilation of dogs not quite getting it right.

Maybe some of these dogs could improve their athletic abilities with a little practice

HooplaHa is a digital brand whose original video segments include real people and personal stories, and named “one of the ten happiest places on the internet” by the Huffington Post.