A Lure Coursing Milestone

Congratulations to Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ariel, who is celebrating her latest title -- the LCX10. This means she has completed the Lure Courser Excellent (LCX) title ten times!

Officially known as GCH DC Diamond's Ariel Of Le Creme MC LCX10, Ariel is the only dog in the sport of AKC Lure Coursing to ever receive this title.

Ariel also holds the record for Ridgeback AKC Best in Fields, with 12 BIFs. This total broke the previous Ridgeback record of ten, held by her mother Tempest.

Ariel's talent runs in the family -- she has three daughters who are also Dual Champions (show and field): Kayla, Reine & Sojie. Daughter Sheba is also a Field Champion.

Congratulations to her owners/breeders Dr. Dan O'Neill & Rev. Vilma O'Neill on Ariel's incredible accomplishments!