A Breeder’s Choice

By Lisa Peterson

Eight years ago today I whelped a litter of puppies. 

This morning I received an email from the owners of one of those puppies. It boldly declared “Happy Birthday Jazzy!” as it has for the previous seven years. As the breeder of Jazzy, I knew in my heart that this puppy I had planned, whelped, raised and lovingly placed with new owners, had made her way into their hearts.

As a breeder, the most difficult part of the whole process is not the endless hours waiting for the delivery, not cleaning up mountains of newspapers and what’s inside them, but making sure they go to a good home. And not just a good home, but the right home. Each breed presents unique temperaments that must be matched to its new family. Then on top of that, each individual puppy in a litter presents unique characteristics that must be matched to its new family. Matching puppies to their new owners is the single most important decision we make in the puppy’s life. And it’s hard emotional work to make the right choice.

So when an email shows up in my inbox eight years after a decision I made and it is a celebration of a puppy’s life filled with joyous examples of unconditional love she has brought to her owners year after year, I too am filled with joy that I made the right choice for Jazzy. I have humbly accepted the thanks from her owners, Susan and John, over the years when they tell me how blessed they are to have Jazzy. However, the more important thanks comes from me, her breeder, to them. For they have given her a treasured life filled with love, care and devotion. They have fulfilled my wish for her when I placed this eight-week-old puppy in their arms and they walked out my front door. How do I know this is true? Just look at the photos they sent me! Jazzy sleeping and Jazzy and her Uncle Chip enjoying some down time in ‘their’ special room. Thank you Susan and John. You are the type of owners breeders dream for to arrive at our doorsteps for our cherished puppies.