9 Photos That Show The English Springer Spaniel’s Playfully Pleasant Personality

To know an English Springer Spaniel is to love one. Although bred as a bird dog, he also excels at loving his family. This handsome, playful people-pleaser is up for anything…as long as it's with you. A run in any weather? Sure. Dog tricks? You bet! A cuddle and a nap? Always! And no one looks better doing all this than a Springer. Here are nine images that prove it:

1. Don't you wish you could run with such agility and enthusiasm?


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2. Springers excel at dog sports and random jumps for joy.

3. All spaniel, all sporting dog!



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4. Although they're athletic, that doesn't mean they're not beautiful.


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5. And, with those expressive faces, are always ready for their close-up.


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6. At the end of a fun day, the Springer is a world-class snuggler.


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7. Springers get along with everyone in the family, even the feline members.


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8. And he most definitely doesn't like being left behind.


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9. As if you could leave that face behind!



A photo posted by Oscar (@oscarino_spaniel) on

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