9 Images That Prove The Versatility Of The Bernese Mountain Dog​

For such versatile working dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs are surprisingly calm and gentle. Do you need someone to be a warm blanket when you nap? Or perhaps someone to cart a keg up the hill? He'd love to! Here are a few images that show off their many skills.

He has two favorite places -- on you...


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... And next to you.


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With that thick coat, Bernese Mountain Dogs love the snow. Baby, it's cold outside and it feels great!


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He'll be thrilled to go anywhere you go and loves when you take him along on adventures.



Working out? A 100-pound weight might help.


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As calm as he is at home, the Bernese Mountain Dog is an outdoorsy type and going for a run will be the highlight of his day.


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And if you don't happen to be in the mood, he may not take "no" for an answer. "Here are your shoes…let's go!"


A photo posted by Yasushi Ikegami (@yasushi.ikegami) on

Bred as a drover and carter, the Bernese Mountain Dog is very helpful around house.


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And when day is done, you couldn't ask for a goofier, more affectionate companion.


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