9/11 Dog Celebrates 16th Birthday In New York City

Bretagne Birthday NYC

Fourteen years ago in September 2001, Golden Retriever Bretagne and her handler Denise Corliss, members of the Texas Task Force 1, were sent on their first deployment—to the World Trade Center in the aftermath of the terrorists attacks that occurred on the morning of September 11. Together for two weeks, they worked side-by-side on the rescue mission that soon turned to a recovery mission. At one point, Bretagne even left the side of her handler to rest her head on a weary firefighter who was resting on the ground.

This year, Bretagne celebrated her 16th birthday, and is the last living search-and-rescue dog who responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. To honor her for her commitment to our country, Bretagne was given a special birthday celebration. She and Corliss spent a day in New York City, playing in a fountain, seeing Times Square, and even getting the “Bone to the Dog Park” (a Tiffany medallion representing the canine version of the “Key to the City) from the Friends of the Hudson River Park.

See a video of her trip below, which culminated in a surprise birthday party, complete with balloons, decorations, and a dog-friendly cake.

Thank you, Bretagne, for your service.

See a video of the whole experience, put together by our friends at BarkPost.


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