8 Reasons A Scottish Deerhound Makes A Great Roommate

Described by Sir Walter Scott as "the most perfect creature of Heaven," the Scottish Deerhound is a gentle giant. With a big frame and even bigger heart, these canines are known for their quiet intelligence and keen perception. They are polite and dignified, and their ability to enjoy life's simple pleasures is sure make them the best roommate you could ask for.

1. They understand the importance of a lazy day. Sometimes, just kickin' back with you sounds like paradise.


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2. But even more so, they understand the necessity of getting plenty of fresh air and daily exercise.


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3. Though they much prefer your company, they won't get mad when you randomly invite friends over.


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4. And they can throw a party like nobody's business.


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5. They constantly satisfy their curiosities with a bit of light reading; with this bookworm as your roommate, you'll always be up-to-date on current events.


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6. They're big believers of natural beauty, always keeping you grounded with the "less is more" fashion philosophy before you head out the door.


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7. They get the late-night munchies, too, and with their long legs, you'll always have access to the good cereal from the top shelf.


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8. Lastly, they know that nothing beats the bond that two roomies share.


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