8 Irresistible Affenpinscher Faces That Will Make Your Day

With a name that means "monkey dog" or "mustached little devil," it's no surprise that the Affenpinscher is a famously comic little dog. In looks and attitude, they're so irresistible! If you're not convinced, here are eight reasons why:

  1. Is it even possible not to adore this face?

    A photo posted by SWEDISH ATTACK (@swedishattack) on

  2. These dogs may take them themselves very seriously, but just try not to laugh.

    Hey, baby. Want to get Furry in my Friday?? (Wink, Wink) Luv ya, Alfie

    Posted by Nora Castro on Friday, October 9, 2015

  3. This is his lion impression.

    A photo posted by 구지성 (@ramjikoo) on

  4. Not only are they loving and funny, but Affenpinschers bring out the "silliness" in their humans too. In fact, one handler says, "This isn’t a breed you train…He’s like a human. You befriend him.”

    A video posted by Roxy (@affenpinscherroxy) on

  5. Here's another. Just in case your heart hasn't melted yet...

    A photo posted by Roxy (@affenpinscherroxy) on

  6. ...How about now?

  7. They can make a game out of anything, whether you want them to or not.

    A photo posted by Shaelee (@affencutie) on

  8. Yes, he's more than just a funny face but, oh, that face!

    A photo posted by @tracyleamarshall on



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