8 Images That Perfectly Capture The Fiery Irish Terrier

Daredevil, dashing, reckless, fiery, courageous, independent, rambunctious--these are just some of the ways Irish Terrier fans describe the breed. But he has a whole different side when his need for exercise and stimulation is met. He's tender, protective, and utterly devoted to his family, especially children. Which of these Irish Terrier traits do you recognize?

1. He's exuberant an playful and known for his romping leap.

2.With his strong terrier instincts, he's a determined hunter. "Did someone say squirrel?"

3. And he'll be the first to break the ice, so to speak.

4. He's always happy to hang with you and even help with your work.


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5. His idea of play and yours may be slightly different.


6. On the other hand, he loves you so, so much!


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7. And he's such a handsome redhead …


8. That, no matter what, he'll melt your heart every time.

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