8 Bullmastiffs That Have Their Owners’ Backs

Though a gentle giant, the Bullmastiff was originally bred to stand guard. He's very obedient, but he will exert his power if he senses that his family is in trouble. These dogs are the perfect balance of toughness and devotion, and are great companions both in and out of the house. And here are eight Bullmastiffs that proved they had their owners' backs:

1. He starts his day out right -- a Cup-o-Joe with his best friend always prepares him for morning lookout duty.


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2. And when on duty watching over his family, he takes it as seriously. Checking out the situation from all sides is absolutely necessary.


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3. And even while playing around, he still keeps an eye on his owner and the surroundings.


4. But serious guard-dog duties don't stop him from playing around.


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5. But when he knows he's needed and will come through. Easily overcoming obstacles in his way.


6. Even mounds of snow...


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7. And surprise attacks.


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8. Just as long as he can relax with you when he's off duty. But don't worry, he'll still keep an eye out.

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