7 Times The Löwchen Lived Up To Its Nickname

Meaning "little lion," the Löwchen certainly lives up to its name. With a classic "mane" and strong will, this breed approaches life with a positive attitude, always ready to face the day with good company. While it's mostly fun and games, because of their vivacious nature, these little guys also make excellent watchdogs...with their fierce cuteness. Here are six times the Löwchen was as brave as the cats that gave him his title.

1. When he bravely dove into the pool.

2. When he saved himself and his loved ones from this ferocious door mat.


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3. When he conquered the snow and ice.

4. When he wanted to "play" with this tennis ball.


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5. When he took on this frisbee.

6. When he fearlessly ran through this agility course.

7. When he, beast, defeated human.


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