7 Staples To Get Your Dog Through the Winter

winter coat dog

Winter is upon us and with its sometimes harsh weather, it's important to take extra measures to make sure you and your dogs stay warm. From blankets to booties, here's a list of essentials to get your dog through the winter.

1. A warm, yet fashionable coat

winter coat

When you get a new winter coat, make it a tradition to get your dog one as well.

2. A comfy bed

dog sofa

A nice, warm bed will serve as a great retreat from the cold.

3. A snuggly blanket

dog blanket

In addition to the bed, a snuggly blanket can add extra comfort.

4. A heated, weather-resistant doghouse

For dogs that love the outdoors but not the cold, this is a perfect way to meet in the middle. There's a heater inside the doghouse that you can set and rest easy knowing that your dog is warm. A tad pricey, but your best friend is worth it.

5. Interactive play packs

interactive toy


If it's too cold to go outside, these toys will help ensure a fun-filled day with your pup. 

6. Paw balm

paw balm

The cold can do a number on your dog's paws so paw balm is a staple that you should have on standby at all times.

7. Booties

dog booties


For increased paw protection, booties provide comfort, warmth, and style.

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