7 Images That Prove Gordon Setters Have It All: Looks, Brains, Devotion

"Beauty, brains, and bird sense." That's the old motto of the breed and the Gordon Setter certainly lives up to it. He's bold and determined in the field, and, with his glistening black coat and tan markings, a dignified, handsome dog. But maybe we should add affection and puppyish enthusiasm to the motto because, as these seven images show, the Gordon Setter is all these things.

1. Even Gordon Setter puppies thrill to the hunt; it's innate to the breed.


2. These three beauties are ready for a day in the field. Gordon Setters are resolute and indomitable hunters and could go all day long.


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3. They need a lot of exercise, in any weather. Like other Scottish breeds, they're tough enough for cold and rough terrain.


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4. Whether running or sitting still, Gordon Setters are stunning. Their bright dark eyes, accented with tan spots, exemplify their intelligence and willingness to please.


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5. They do appreciate some relaxation.


6. And, definitely have their silly side.


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7. But many Gordon Setter fans think the breed's utter devotion and affection is their best trait.


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