7 Images Proving Borzois Are The Aristocrats Of The Dog World

A Borzoi in motion is a beautiful sight. Actually a Borzoi in repose is just as beautiful. These giant sighthounds are the very picture of elegance, speed, and grace. Match that with their calm and affectionate temperament, and it's no wonder the breed has been prized for hundreds of years. Bred for royalty, they're aristocrats themselves, as these seven images prove.

1. A Borzoi at full speed is like the Porsche of dogs.

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2. He loves a run, on any terrain in any weather.


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3. With their speed and love of the chase, they excel at dog sports like lure coursing.

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4. Standing up to 32 inches tall and weighing in at 60-100 pounds, they're among the most regal of canines.


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5. At home, Borzoi are calm and loving.


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6. And are usually the epitome of dignity.


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7. But sometimes, they're not...


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