60 Photographs: The Lovely Journey Of One Sheltie’s Life That Brought Us To Tears

When we lose a dog, they take a part of us with them that can never be replaced. There's just something about the strong, unspoken relationship between a man and his best friend that is unparalleled by any other bond.

Imgur user Noved's Sheltie named Missy passed away this week. She would've been 16 years old. In her honor, Noved shared a lovely 60-photograph album of her life with Missy. It's an emotional, but beautiful 16 year journey in photo-form, and we couldn't be appreciative for her sharing something so dear with all of us.

RIP sweet Missy, you'll be missed greatly.

Missy and Noved
Missy as a puppy and Noved at age 15.
Missy being shaped into sand creature.
Noved and Missy being shaped into a sand creature.


Missy and Noved's new boyfriend.
Noved's eventual new boyfriend and Missy taking selfies.
Missy on their wedding day.
From boyfriend, to fiance, to Noved's marraige; Missy was there.
Missy and house
She was even there to support the first-time home buyers.
Missy and feline friend.
Missy made a new feline friend when it was brought into the family.
Missy age 12
Missy at age 12.
Missy became very sick three days before her 16th birthday
Missy at the vet
Missy and Noved saying goodbye.

Original article can be found here; all photographs via Noved.

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