6 Reasons Why There’s Never A Dull Moment With A Shiba Inu

Has your Shiba Inu trained you to be the perfect owner yet? This breed has characteristics that can make life very interesting indeed. Lively and headstrong, he can be a handful, but here are some of the unique traits that make living with him well worth it.

There are three Japanese words that describe the Shiba Inu. Combined, they make a personality that Shiba Inu owners describe as "irresistible."


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"Ka-i" means boldness and bravery, along with mental toughness and composure. Originally hunters, they've never lost that courage and alertness.


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"Ryosei" describes their gentleness and good nature, which makes them Japan's most popular companion dog.


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And of course, there's their charm and open spirit, "Soboku." It can melt the coldest of hearts.


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If Shibas have one phrase they live by, it's "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine," whether it's sleeping on your favorite chair, dining at your table or taking over the bed.

Did you know that Shiba Inus are exceptionally clean? That's probably why housebreaking is so easy.


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