5 Ways to Know Your Kerry Blue Terrier’s Love For You is True

Smart, alert, and people-oriented, the Kerry Blue Terrier may be one of the most loyal canine companions you'll come across. While their interactions with other dogs may vary, the love they have for people is unwavering. Here are five ways that show their devotion to you is real.

1. They're good watchdogs. So good, in fact, that they're apparently willing to climb trees (quite fashionably, we might add) to protect you from the world. Out of their little frames can sound a rather intimidating bark, and they're not afraid to let it out when it comes to marking their territory and proving that they take your safety seriously.

2. They have a joy for life, never turning down your invitations for adventure--what better way to spend time with someone they love and get necessary daily exercise? They'll follow you to the ends of the earth.


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3. They'll do anything to be with you, even if it means getting down to business in the kitchen. At least this way they can make sure they always have access to clean water and food that caters to their digestive needs.


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4. They might even try to complete chores without your supervision, risking a little mess if it can save you a little time.

5. As if you needed anymore reasons, just look at that face. True puppy love, right there.

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