5 Ways of Looking at a Wolfhound

“He is sure to win friends and, when won, to hold them.” AKC Gazette, “Times Past”


  1. “A firm stand must be made against awarding prizes to hounds that are not absolutely sound, as the breed is essentially a galloping one and meant for rough rather than fast work, and therefore coat, soundness of limb, and freedom of action, must be insisted on.” —George Augustus Graham, who saved the breed from extinction, 1890

  2. “Exuberantly affectionate, yet stately and sedate … So many are the great qualities of the Irish Wolfhound that he is sure to win friends and, when won, to hold them.” —Rawdon B. Lee, from his book Modern Dogs, 1893

  3. “It need not be with the idea of making sales or champions that we take our dogs to shows. It is a duty we owe to the breed, to let the public see how many really good Irish Wolfhounds there are.” —Mrs. Norwood B. Smith, Irish Wolfhound Club of America president, 1927

  4. “Long and grey and gaunt he lies, a Lincoln among dogs …” —Christopher Morley, 1940

  5. “All seven of my Irish Wolfhound friends possessed a consciousness—awareness of self, awareness of selflessness, awareness of mortality—far more persuasive than that of many people I have known.” —Edward Albee, 2001


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