30 Cute Puppies You’ll Have to See to Believe

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Do you think every puppy is the cutest puppy you've ever seen? So do we!

And why shouldn't you? Every puppy is adorable, whether big or small, Labrador Retriever or Pug, no one can resist the face of a pup.

So in honor of the cuteness of puppies, we've put together 30 of the cutest faces we could find. They'll make you smile, they'll make you go "awww," and they might have you looking for one of your very own.


1. One day, this Siberian Husky could pull a sled across Alaska!

siberian husky cute puppies

2. A devoted companion and incredible working dog, a Golden Retriever is loved by all.

golden retriever cute puppies

3. Poodles, like this pup, can be a variety of solid colors, including blues, grays, silvers, browns, cafe-au-laits, apricots and creams.

poodle cute puppies

4. One of the cutest things about the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon? His abundant mustache and eyebrows, for sure.

wirehaired pointing griffon cute puppies

5. With a face like this and the personality to match, it's no wonder the Lab has been the most popular breed for 26 years.

chocolate lab cute puppies

6. If you ever wondered what was cuter than one Pug pup, you have your answer. (It's two Pug pups!)

pug cute puppies

7. These unbelievably adorable bat-like ears are characteristic of the French Bulldog.

[french bulldog cute puppies]

8. Look how little this Border Collie pup is! Just you wait, though; once they're grown and trained, these dogs are some of the smartest around.

[border collie cute puppies]

9. This guy has eyes that stare right into your soul. Even the American Hairless Terrier standard describes them as "expressive."

[aht cute puppies]

10. Nothing more perfect than puppy kisses from one adorable Welsh Springer Spaniel to another!

[welsh springer cute puppies]

11. Those big dark eyes, that sweet expression! It’s no surprise that Shih Tzu owners have been so devoted to their pups for thousands of years.

[shih tzu cute puppies]

12. What's more beautiful . . . this Rottweiler pup or the field of flowers she sits in? As much as we love Spring, we think this one's an easy choice.

rottie cute puppies

13. Check out the head tilt on this alert and agile Shiba Inu pup.

shiba inu cute puppies

14. It's all smiles for this Havanese pup. You can even see all of his little puppy teeth.

[havanese cute puppies]

15. This Lab pup is thinking about all the toys to chew and people to love.

[black lab cute puppies]

16. Look at this guy's adorable tongue, beautiful coat, and precious paws. The mahogany coat is signature to the Irish Setter.

[Irish setter cute puppies]

17. Boop! These precious Bernese Mountain Dog pups are just hanging out in their natural habitat. Berners, originally from the Swiss mountains, thrive in cold weather.

[bmd cute puppies]

18. The markings on this Old English Sheepdog pup's face are just too cute. And not only is he cute, but he is also an incredible herding dog!

[oes cute puppies]

19. This Leonberger puppy is bigger than many full-grown toy dogs. Big pup, big paws, and a long tongue, to boot.

[leonberger cute puppies]

20. Speaking of big paws, check out the ones on this Cane Corso pup. He's got a ways to go to grow into 'em.

[cane corso cute puppies]

21. What's the first thing you noticed about these floofy Chows? Their entirely blue tongues perhaps? The Chow Chow is only one of two breeds with this unique characteristic. (The other is the Chinese Shar-Pei.)

[chow chow cute puppies]

22. This Dogue de Bordeaux has such stunning eyes!

[dogue de bordeaux]

23. It's tug time for these English Setter pups. But it's okay . . . their agreeable temperament allows this pair to share!

[english setter cute puppies]

24. It's a bird . . . it's a plane . . . it's a flying German Shorthaired Pointer!

[gsp cute puppies]

25. One Corgi, two Corgi, three. Little legs won't stop these Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

[pwc cute puppies]

26. My, what big ears you have. The ears of the Ibizan Hound contribute to his "elegant, deer-like look."

[ibizan hound cute puppies]

27. What a white fluffy bundle of joy. Sammies are known for being gentle, adaptable, and friendly.

[samoyed cute puppies]

28. This adorable pup may look a little sad, but he isn't! The Tibetan Mastiff is known for his solemn, yet kind expression.

tibetan mastiff cute puppies

29. Standing tall and proud, this Aussie pup is ready to conquer the world. And if not the whole world, maybe the agility world, or the herding world.

[aussie cute puppies]

30. Look at that face! It's irresistible. And so is the intelligent, courageous, and alert Belgian Tervuren.

[belgian tervuren cute puppies]

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