20 Items That All Doberman Lovers Need To Have

Doberman items

From yearly calendars to wall decals, this list has everything a Doberman Pinscher owner will love and NEED to have in their lives. The elegant Doberman graces any type of gift easily and perfectly, making all possibilities the right gift for any Dobie lover.


1. Rules magnet

If it has a Doberman on it. It’s has to be yours. The rules are simple, right?

2. Wine glass with silhouette

Simple, elegant, and refined, much like the beautiful dog silhouetted on the glass.

3. T-shirt

A t-shirt that is a gentle reminder to all parents that just because our Doberman is giant and intimidating, there’s no reason to not love him. Just like we’ll try to love your kids when they scream.

4. Doberman angel

Doberman angel

This little guy can be a concrete memorial for when your beloved dog passes, or a yard decoration while he’s still here.

5. Phone case

Doberman phone case

Even when you’re not around your dog, you can still show your love for your favorite breed with this phone case.

6. Calendar

Things you’ll never get tired of seeing all year long: pictures of Dobermans.

7. Picture frame

What better way to frame your favorite picture of your Doberman than within a Doberman picture frame?

8. Security sign

You know and I know that your beloved dog probably won’t do more than intimidate a perpetrator, but no one else needs to know that. This sign will fool anyone into thinking Kujo lives here.

9. Sticky pad

This notepad is sticky and magnetic, making it super convenient to go on the fridge for groceries and lists. Just don’t forget to put "walk dog" and "pick up treats."

10. T-shirt

If you own a Doberman, this shirt will need no explanation. It is simply the story of your life trying to train your Doberman.

11. Leash hanger

Every leash needs a place to be hung, so does that poncho and snow coat for when you have to walk your Doberman in inclement weather.

12. Umbrella

Doberman umbrella

Dobermans have a lot of energy, so an umbrella featuring them is perfect for those long walks in the rain and snow.

16. Coffee mug

Doberman coffee mug

Coffee can only be enjoyed after the Doberman has been taken for a walk and fed, this coffee mug is a daily remember that your Doberman comes first. Always.

17. Cow bell

A cute little ornament for around the house, this cow bell is a unique gift for the Doberman owner.

18. Nail art

Doberman nail art

Getting a manicure or pedicure? Why not use a little nail art for some funk with these Doberman art stickers.

19. Book marker

Doberman bookmark

Perfect for a rainy day or snow day, just curl up with your favorite dog and a good book, the book marker will keep your place while you take your Doberman out for a walk.

20. Cuff bracelet

Doberman bracelet

Sterling silver, this cuff bracelet is as unique as you and your dog.

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