15 Words That Perfectly Describe Corgis

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Sure, Corgis are affectionate, smart, and alert, but their owners know that there is so much more to the breed. Here's some inspiration for the next time you're looking for the perfect word to describe your Cardigan and Pembroke.


1. Soulful


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2. Loving


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3. Playful


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4. (Slightly) Lazy


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5. Adorable


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6. Happy


7. Intelligent


8. Prudent


9. Classy


10. Snuggly


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11. Hard-Working


12. Fashionable


13. Dashing


14. Hip


15. Lovable


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If you have decided that a Corgi is the right breed for you, use AKC Marketplace to connect with responsible breeders.

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