15 Reasons To Love Siberian Huskies

Loyal, mischievous, and outgoing -- there's certainly nothing boring about Siberian Huskies. The popular breed has won over the hearts of many with their playful and friendly nature. And if you're a Husky lover, these images will look familiar:


1. They know how to work their best angles.


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2. And look at those eyes.


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3. But it's not all about looking good. They make playtime a priority.


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4. And some are, literally, party animals.


5. They like to stay active and will take you for a walk.


A photo posted by Neyla the Husky (@neyla_thehusky) on


6. They'll always be great photography subjects.


A photo posted by @kaya_the_hiking_husky_dog on


7. And maybe they'll be your chauffeurs to.


A photo posted by Saska & Boomer (@desert.huskies) on


8. They'll be your cuddle buddy.


9. And be the cutest graduate ever.


10. They'll even look adorable when getting cleaned up.


11. And they'll always make you laugh with their funny faces.


A photo posted by Aryana The Husky (@aryana.husky) on


12. Or their funny costumes.


A photo posted by Royal & Agent (@pnwsibes) on


13. And, of course, they'll always be there to share the love.


A photo posted by Mia (@thegalleriaofmia) on

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