13 Images That’ll Look Familiar If You Live With A Parson Russell Terrier

Do you long for a playful, affectionate, and energetic companion? Someone whose cleverness shines in his eyes, who always wants to play and has the athleticism to do it and who loves you more than anything? Then you'll love the Parson Russell Terrier. And once you've made a match, your day with him may look something like these 13 images.

1. Parson Russell Terriers are full of energy and ready for a romp in any weather.


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2. It's even better if a ball is involved...

3. ...Even a very very big ball.

4. They excel at dog sports like agility.

5. And earthdog.

6. With a Parson Russell, it's always playtime... even if he's asleep.


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7. And one toy is not enough.


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8. Although you may not be always pleased with his choice of toy.


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9. If you're not available to play, he'll make up his own games.


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10. If you own a Parson Russell, you've definitely seen this face.

11. And you know that he will join you in whatever you're doing, especially if there is food involved.


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12. Or if it's really good nap and you're the pillow.


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13. But whatever you do with your Parson Russell Terrier, you know he's all in!


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