12 Photos That Prove The French Bulldog’s Personality Is Larger Than Life

The French Bulldog is an adorable pup. With his small body and big ears, it's pretty hard to resist pinching his little cheeks! Though short in stature, his personality is larger than life. Whether shown through living in a studio apartment or a full-acred home, these dogs have such a flexible lifestyle, and they are great have around. Here are 12 images proving that these Frenchies' personalities are larger than their small frames:

1. They know how to make the most of a snow day.


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2. But they also know how to have a good time at the beach.


3. Frenchies love a good nap in your bed...


4. but they're equally content with one in their own.


5. They know importance of having fun and blowing off some steam...


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6. ... but, more importantly, putting in the work to get there.


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7. They may not be on the go all the time...


J'ADORE this little man �� #Regram J'adore le daffodil @frenchstanley @jessieware #grooming #cutepuppyalert #easterpup #frenchstanley #jessieware #frenchbulldoglove #dailydog

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8. but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy exercise.


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9. They love city life...


A photo posted by Ollie (@ollieishandsome) on


10. just as much as country life


11. And though they want you all to themselves...


A photo posted by Ollie (@ollieishandsome) on


12. they know there's enough love to go around.


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