12 of the Craziest NFL Superstitions by Furry Fans

If you’re a crazy sports fan, you probably have superstitions you stick to when it’s time to sit down for the game. Sitting may not even be allowed.

These pups are no different. They are off the charts, out of the end zone, and some other sports pun, with their crazy game day superstitions. 

It's only weird if it doesn't work, right?


“I poop exactly five minutes before game time”



“One Seahawk toy MUST be sacrificed to the doggie gods before every game.”


“I am not the Seahawk toy.”


“Stop it! Don’t move! We’re kicking a field goal. Did you blink? Blinking counts as moving.”


“I only went out on the commercial break to go potty, I’m back in my spot. Don’t worry.”


“This jersey’s too big— did they let air out of me too?”


“The lucky hat is needed. Sight is a luxury we cannot afford today. I may miss the win though. THAT would be ironic.”


“Lady luck has got to sport the pink. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”


"Don't even THINK about washing this blanket. Or the pillow. Or the jersey. Or me."                                                                                           


“I grunt as loudly as possible whenever Beast Mode gets the ball. Gotta' help my man do work”


“I jump on my owner and give him no fewer than 17 kisses just as the clock starts.”


“Guys, guys… what do you mean we aren’t playing?”

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