11 Times The Sussex Spaniel Embraced His Outdoorsy Side

Like its relative the Boykin Spaniel, the Sussex Spaniel finds success outdoors. Being one with the birds and briers is what he loves to do, and with talent like his, it's easy to see why. Though he makes an ideal house dog with his even-tempered, loving personality, nature is his calling. His loyalty and low, compact build make him a great hunter, and here are 11 times he embraced that role.

1. These guys are not afraid to get dirty. Rolling around in the mud comes with the job!


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2. And when it comes to swimming in the muddy water, they've got it down. They might as well be one of the fish.


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3. They do like to stay dry, though. Sometimes the simplicity of sittin' on a log and scopin' out the landscape is all they need.


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4. But when they've got their sights set on something, it's over.


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5. Even when they're not on duty, it's what they're thinking about. Look at that dedication! It's in their bones.


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6. They do know how to take a break, though; relaxing in a pile of leaves with their latest catch is just what they need after a hard day's work.


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7. Or maybe sitting on the beach...


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8. They're eager leaders, ready to bring anyone into the woody depths.


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9. They're also frolickers, occasionally straying from the swamps to spend a day of sunlight in the fields.


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10. And they enjoy every minute of it.


11. Not convinced? Follow their trail. They'd love to have you.


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