11 Things You Might Not Know About the Chinese Crested

Although its name implies it's a Chinese breed, the Chinese Crested actually originated in Africa before Chinese traders and explorers started taking the dogs on their ships. Now Chinese Cresteds are seen in port cities all over the world and on laps everywhere. If you've never seen one before, we think these pictures will win you over.

There are two variants of the breed, the hairless and the Powderpuff, which has plenty of fur!


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The hairless variety invokes lots of curious stares and owners are asked often, "What is that?"


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Both varieties can even be born in the same litter.


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As small and delicate as they look, these are agile, playful dogs

With no hair, they're just fine in the heat, but can get really, really cold in winter. It's best to bundle them up for outside jaunts.


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..and make them nice and cozy indoors

Chinese Crested adore their family and need you to know it…all the time.


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Even when they're sleeping.

And they're so affectionate, entertaining and playful, that it's hard not to love them back.


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They make seem a little strange-looking at first, but who wouldn't fall in love with that face?


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