11 Japanese Chins Who Are Living In The Lap Of Luxury

Charming, lovable, and noble, the Japanese Chin was originally bred to be a human companion. Although their name suggests Japanese heritage, the breed is believed to have originated in China, where they were bred to live in palaces -- literally in the lap of luxury. Staying true to their roots, here are 11 Japanese Chins living a lavish lifestyle:

1. This tongue-out diva.


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2. This social media star.

3. This dog who has perfected the windblown look.


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4. This pup who doesn't know why he has to get out of bed.


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5. This elegant snow-lover.


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6. This beautiful painting subject.


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7. This birthday star.


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8. This regal beach bum.

9. This color-coordinated canine.


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10. This luxurious dog.


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11. This pampered pup.


A photo posted by はなまる (@chinhanamaru) on

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