11 Bichons Frises That Stole Our Hearts With Their Adorable Antics

The Bichon Frise is a playful, curious, and peppy breed. Their cheerful personalities are only amplified by their beautiful coats and inquisitive expression. Here are a few Bichons Frises that stole our hearts with their adorable antics:

This pup who's blending in with the snow

This Star Wars fan


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This dog who's ready for playtime


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This warm cuddle buddy


A photo posted by 핑크팬더 (@pink_panda_s2) on

This fancy tea party host


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This adorable sock thief


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This pup who just wants to nap in peace


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This excited first-time driver


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This master of #TongueOutTuesday


Coby is ready after 2 hrs of grooming and bathing. #akcbichonfrise

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This "working" dog


A photo posted by @robinine on

This overly pleased mess maker


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