10 Smooth Fox Terriers That Are SO Ready For Playtime

The Smooth Fox Terrier is described as friendly, independent, and amusing. Always ready to go, these dogs will definitely let you know when they're ready for playtime. Here are 10 Smooth Fox Terriers that are so ready for it to be playtime.

"Human, you’ve had enough relaxation. Now, it's time to play ball."

"If you're too busy, I'll just entertain myself over here."

"No no, you’re mistaken, I'm not asleep, I volunteer for the walk."


A photo posted by Richie (@richie_the_foxterrier) on

"I don't care that it's snowing, let's go play outside!"


A video posted by Pille-Riin (@genefic) on

"Try and keep up, will ya."


A photo posted by leighlabird (@leighlabird) on

"If it's unattended, it’s mine."


A video posted by Tabatha Cole (@tabathacole) on

"Photo shoot? Yes, please! Make sure to get my best side."

"I'm not sleeping, I'm just resting my eyes for a moment."

"I asked you very nicely to play… this is what happens when you ignore me."


A photo posted by ~Boogie Wonderland~ (@boogie_fox) on

"But what wouldn’t you do for a face like this?"


A photo posted by Greg Walsh (@gregjwalsh) on

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