Can a Horoscope Help You Train Your Dog?

The fault, as Shakespeare wrote, is not in our stars but in ourselves, but does that apply to dog training? A stroll though the AKC library would suggest that the answer is yes. The library has no fewer than six tomes devoted to horoscopes for hounds.

Since we are currently in the period ruled by Taurus the Bull (April 20 to May 20), here’s a snapshot of dogs born under this sign.

This is the Taurus dog, according to a few of the AKC’s astrology books:

  • "Dogs born under the sign of Taurus share the qualities of the astral bull: strength, courage, endurance, determination, pride, and enthusiasm....So they can be a little hard to handle, especially by someone who does not appreciate their admirable qualities."
    --Jeane Dixon’s Horoscopes for Dogs, 1979
  • "Taurean dogs are great lovers of nature. They are also great lovers of comfort and good red meat so don’t try fobbing them off with a bit of linoleum under the kitchen sink or one of the less imaginative tins of something or other. They’re not quick-witted, but when they learn something they do it thoroughly and don’t forget it."
    --Astrology for Dogs and Owners, by William Fairchild, 1980
  • "You need strong nerves and a strong hand to bring up a Taurus pup, but it is well worth the effort, as when grown, the dog will prove a most devoted and intelligent companion. You will never have a dull moment or an opportunity to enjoy the blues while a Taurus dog is in the house."
    --Your Dog's Horoscope, by Dorothea C. Pratt, 1947
  • "Taurus pets can take or leave traveling. Roaming behavior is uncharacteristic for these lovers of familiar territory, and car rides seem to rank right up there with baths as exercise as Most Unpopular Taurus Activities."
    What Sign is Your Pet? by Dr. Donald Wolf, 1989
  • "If left to his own devices the Taurean would eat himself into an early grave."
    The Dog Horoscope Book, by Liz Tresilian, 1967

Those of you who have Taurus dogs, do you recognize your pet in any of the descriptions? Also if your dog is a true Taurus, how does this influence your training method? Does the Taurus dog pose special challenges?