Agility: Training Tips

Tips for Training the Agile Dog about Overcoming Obstacles

Agility competitions employ a variety of obstacles that competing dogs will encounter. Your dog can be trained to master them.

Here’s a few training tips for obstacles that might be encountered on a typical agility course.

Weave Poles

Begin training a young dog by setting the poles wide apart. You want the dog running  through the poles, not walking, from day one. For this obstacle particularly, a consistent training method is required.


The idea is for the dog to get from one yellow safety zone to the other as quickly as possible; no stopping at the fulcrum—train the dog to take it straight through.


Many trainers recommend a brightly colored tunnel; some dogs are apprehensive about entering black or dark blue ones—but if a dog really understands the obstacle, color shouldn’t matter.


The A-Frame is five foot, six inches high. Sometimes a dog gets to the apex and stops to look around, always good for a laugh from the spectators but terrible for your time. Much like training the seesaw, the idea here is to keep the dog moving consistently forward.