Traveling With Puppy

Vacationing: Bringing Along the Puppy

You probably won’t want to part from your puppy when taking a vacation trip. Bring him along, but make sure you’ve prepared for the trip.

Bringing a pet along on a trip means puppy-proofing: If traveling by car (especially a rental car), cover the seats with towels, sheets, or blankets. Consider investing in a canine seat belt for added safety.

Adapt your pup to short car rides before going on a long trip—you may find that he gets car-sick. And make sure you bring along plenty of water for any road trip, which means also stopping along the way for elimination breaks.

If you want some time away from your pup while vacationing together, make sure it’s fine to leave him alone. Does the hotel require that a puppy be supervised at all times? Do they ask that a puppy be crated when left alone in a room? Does the hotel offer dog-walking or dog daycare services?

Even if he is thoroughly house trained and not destructive, you should leave him with sufficient water and chew toys while you step out. You might also want to leave on a TV or radio to keep him company. Remember, you will be responsible for any damage your puppy causes, so think twice before leaving him unsupervised away from home.

Dog etiquette applies outdoors, as well as in hotel rooms. Be considerate of others around you: Don’t allow your rambunctious puppy to bother or startle people. Keep him leashed and clean up after him.